Who Am I ?

Mohammed Al Ashaal

Just a problem solver

A problem solver, likes to design & build optimized, secured & green systems with the help of more than 5 years of experience in that field, i develop myself each day through reading and practicing, i don't learn tools, i learn concepts .

Tools & Technologies

Linux Ubuntu GIT CSS3 HTML5 Javascript PHP Python Ruby Golang C C++ Laravel Symfony Wordpress Node.js Vue.js jQuery Bootstrap Docker MYSQL Postgresql MongoDB Cassandra Redis RethinkDB CockroachDB SeaweedFS Let'sEncrypt

Activites (samples)

curates.club (owner)
realtime currency rates for EGP with Gold, USD .. etc

streamlab.io (kernel)
pusher alternative platform for realtime messaging services

5dmat-web.com (sysadmin)
online learning platform focusing on programming & latest technologies

HTTPSify (author)
Let'sEncrypt based reverse proxy written in golang

Xerve (author)
fast, tiny static file server with auto gzip & minify written in golang

Horus Plus (author)
Node.js clone written in PHP !!

Axync (author)
a multitasking kernel written in PHP !!

Droxy (author)
a transparent standalone http reverse proxy for docker containers

Googly (author)
search google from the terminal

Mohammed Al Ashaal

I'm a problem solver who gets the job done in simple and easy way, I don't learn tools, I learn concepts.

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